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Frequently Asked Questions

If you understand simple words like “school”, “job”, “morning”, “holiday” etc we can work with you. Spoken English Practice’s program is targeted towards non- native English speakers who want to go from an elementary level to an advanced level in English. If you don’t know even 5-10 words in English, we encourage you to take some English 101 classes first and come back.
You will become more fluent in English.You will speak effortlessly because you will understand sentence structures better. Your pronunciation will improve making it easier for native English speakers to understand you. You will develop better listening skills, which will allow you to quickly and correctly understand native speakers in real life conversations. Your improved speaking and listening skills will also help you in improving your writing and reading skills.
‘Teaching English’ means to make learners learn how to get good English which they can use in their day to day life for their practical purposes.
Not really. Vernacular students do grammar well but they fail when it comes to using English. This is so because in the name of English, it is only the rules of grammar that are taught.
Grammar should be taught to its minimum and that too with context. We cannot teach grammar for the sake of teaching grammar. Learners should be provided with good models of English. The more they are exposed to English , the more they get it. The zodiac Real English Interactive Course is an attempt in that direction.
Certainly. In fact everything in the course has been designed with the sole purpose to make learners get maximum English. We would advise you to do the course continuously, that is, without gaps, interact with us when needed and have faith that you are going to get English. This will make your communication through English effective.
3 times a week is ideal. If you prefer more sessions a week, we can arrange this.