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Interview Preparation Techniques

Public speaking.....Facing Interviews.....

Do you get butterflies in your stomach ?
Career Development Program

More than 75% people feel or at loss of words during public speaking or at interviews. Factors associated with these parameters have been identified as Loss of Confidence in these situations. Shyness, lack of exposure, inability to speak in a particular language largely are mere excuses. The main reason is lack of preparation .......preparation of self motivation, ability to think positively ... and most importantly .... the ability to Communicate effectively.

Sky Digit CDP takes care of all such factors which have been occupying the "EXCUSES" space in your brain ... as reasons of not being able to be YOURSELF !

    Program Deliverables :
  • Confidence Building and Self Motivation
  • Grooming, Body Language and Time Management
  • Communication Style - Formal and Informal
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing Skills